The man who created Avalanche. Not in its current state, mind you. The ideals behind the group’s current leaders have shifted, but the true origins, the teachings about the Planet all came about when Aldin left Wutai. An AWOL Soldier on the run, he abandoned the war, tired of the heinous acts committed in the name of progress. Like so many other people, he traveled to Cosmo Canyon, to learn of planet study from Bugenhagen himself. More refugees from the war would show up in town, and soon, Bugenhagen had quite the following. Aldin would assist him, speaking to those willing to learn about the Lifestream. Eventually, he gave rousing speeches, talking about the dangers of Mako extraction.

It was whispered that Wutai was going to fight back. Aldin’s speeches were just what everyone needed to stoke the fire within them to rise up and continue the fight. The resistance was born and rapid change was coming. The name they gave themselves was the Avalanche Movement. Sadly, Aldin would never see it amount to very much outside the Canyon. He would see countless people come and go, taking the message with them. A pair of individuals came to town one day, a young man and teenage girl. He taught the young girl how to use the energy of her attacker against themselves, about the Planet, everything he knew.

But cancer would take him a few years later. The young girl would go on to recreate Avalanche in Midgar and the cause turned to eco-terrorism in order to strike back at Shinra. Aldin’s message of peace may have been lost on the larger picture, but Elfé would never forget the man that taught her so much.