Born to Gillian Hewley in Banora, he grew up with the ambition to join Soldier. His existence was forever changed when Gillian was injected with Jenova cells while her pregnancy with Angeal was already well underway. Her cells were also injected into another fetus within another woman and this would yield Genesis. Unfortunately, Angeal and Genesis would eventually succumb to what Dr. Hollander referred to as degradation. Due to the moment when Jenova’s cells were introduced, a proper combining was impossible. Angeal and Genesis were merely injected as a Solider might be infused with Mako. It made them stronger, more than human. They would go on to develop Jenova’s likeness with her speed, power and appearance. But neither was fully integrated with her.

Sephiroth’s success was mainly due to the fact that he was injected with Jenova’s cells from the start of his gestation period. This allowed for a proper blending, but was still inherently flawed. He was not immortal and though he could be reborn using the various clones that roamed the world, he would forever be only a piece of the puzzle. Angeal and Genesis would grow up in the shadow of Shinra, eventually making the decision to join Soldier and rising through the ranks to become 1st Class along with Sephiroth. The three would come to call each other friends. Angeal would always feel as though he was missing a piece of himself. He took a young Soldier, Zack Fair, under his wing to fill this unexplainable void.