If anything about Ashe was ever truer, it was that when Ashely Terrance Kincaid quits, he really quits.

Born in Midgar, Ashe's mother passed away from lung cancer when he was still very young. His father, a truck driver for Shinra Electric Power Company, saved every spare gil he had and sent Ashe to the Junon Science Academy after he had graduated school. As part of the science team there, he was privy to many special projects that Shinra had their hands in. He worked for a time under Scarlet Hargrieves on her pet project that was to become the Mako Cannon. All the while, he sent money home to his father. But Ashe knew that he owed his dad more than just helping with the bills and so he sent him on an all expense paid vacation to Mideel.

Unfortunately, his father would pass away while abroad, unknown to Ashe until he made a surprise visit to the island. Furious that the Company would hide his father's death from him just to keep him on top secret projects, he decided to do what any other level headed scientist would do; blow up his lab at Shinra Headquarters. After evading capture for months, he finally made it to Cosmo Canyon, fully intending to hide out and keep a low profile. The leader of a group called Avalanche had died recently and the people of Cosmo Canyon seemed lost. Ashe helped the town however he could, hoping that his handiness would lay the groundwork for their silence. Things were fine until *she* showed up.

Kess came into the village a few months after Ashe had left Midgar. He figured her for a spy right away and knew that the Company had finally sent someone after him. But after observing her for a day, decided that she wasn't there for him. She was looking for Avalanche. He got up the nerve to finally say something to her, telling her that the group as they knew it was no more. But now it was under new management in Midgar. After a brawl with Soldiers the next day, and against his better judgment, they made plans to head to the city and join the group in the name of revenge.