Hailing from Costa del Sol, August used to be a free lance detective that was known for taking on some rather complicated cases. He put his life on the line several times in order to solve much of the work brought to him. Passionate about justice and courageous to a fault, he had a tendency to rely too heavily on his emotions and the job eventually got the better of him. He suffered a mental breakdown and quit the detective scene for a time to recover. He traveled the world, trying to seek meaning and purpose. He thought about becoming a hermit.

His investigative skills were still highly sought after but he turned down every job that came to him. Until he was visited by Veld. After buying August a few drinks, Veld eventually got the point of why he had sought out the ex-detective. He wanted him to find Avalanche. Playing on August’s ambition for doing the right thing, he told him of Avalanche’s ruthless tactics, the lives they had taken, all in the name of trying to stop Shinra from making people's lives better and easier through the use of Mako energy.

August did not accept right away. It took him a few days before he finally called Veld back and agreed to join the Turks. He hated the way Avalanche flouted humanity for what they called the Greater Good. People had lost their lives for their cause. People who had nothing to do with their fight. He could abide them no longer and accepted Veld’s offer. He moved to Midgar and became a member of the Turks before week's end.