Becca has known structure her entire life. Born into a military family, she was brought up from a very young age to respect authority and follow orders. Her younger sister, Elena, though brought up in the same manner, had a more carefree attitude that caused strife between the siblings. Becca was always teased in school for being the quiet, shy girl. But she was ready at a moment’s notice to answer the teacher’s questions or solve a complicated problem in front of the class. Her eagerness to be the best drove her to the top of her classes and she graduated with honors. She readily enrolled in the Shinra Military Academy where her father was an instructor and began her career in the army.

She was a natural marksman and already highly skilled with various firearms upon entering the academy. Her father and the other instructors helped hone her skills and soon she was catching the eyes of the higher ups; one of them being Veld, the leader of the Turks. He made it a habit to visit regularly, always on the look out for new talent. On one such visit, he saw Becca in action. She was wearing her grunt uniform, and so when Veld watched her, he assumed she was a young man due to her face being obscured. It wasn’t until she was called over and removed her helmet that he saw she was in fact a woman. Still highly impressed with her skills, he offered her a position with the Turks once her training was completed. Becca hadn’t really thought about what to do after training. She figured she would join the army and go to the front at Fort Tamblin. But when she saw the surprise and joy in her father’s eyes, she accepted Veld's offer.

Becca is serious to a fault. Sometimes unable to detach from work, she always volunteers for jobs, even if she is still working on a prior one. Veld has had to jokingly remind her that she needs to leave work for the others or she’ll put the department out of business. Time has seen her relax a little and she feels that she can truly unwind when around the other female Turks. Though around the men, she maintains a deeply stoic demeanor at all times.