Hot headed and easily riled up, Emery Biggs has never been one to just 'let shit slide'. If he felt like he was getting the short end of the stick, he was the first to say something about it. When Scarlet Hargrieves showed up in his hometown of Coral, he was among the first to point out what giving up coal was going to mean for the town. He butt heads with Barret Wallace on the matter, but still respected the man for wanting a better life for the villagers.

However, unable to find much work after the installation of the Mako reactor, he left the town and moved to Midgar. He joined Shears' crew of the anti-Shinra faction, raiding trains and helping hoard supplies for the great revolution. It wasn't until he witnessed Elfé in action that he was really on board for the cause. Still a young man by most standards, he has grown up in the ranks of Avalanche and is preparing for that grandest of moments when he will watch Shinra Electric Power Company come crashing down.