Cissnei, an orphan from birth, was brought up along other children who were orphaned from all around the world. She was trained from a very early age under the harsh conditions of the woman who ran the orphanage. The woman would sell the children as soldiers and spies to help the efforts of the war in Wutai. Cissnei was among those trained as a spy. She watched as those around her left and never returned. Eventually, she was all that remained of the girls with a handful of boys under the woman’s care. But this ended not long after when the woman was arrested for supplying child soldiers to Fort Tamblin. The orphanage was raided, the remaining children taken to Junon. Nearly old enough to be on their own, they were offered jobs within the city.

Cissnei worked for a time at a known Turk bar. She was still under aged, so the owner kept her in the back as a dishwasher. One night when the bar was particularly busy, a group of rowdy Soldiers entered and began causing a scene. They were annoying, demanding and a general nuisances, but this time, things got out of hand. One of them grabbed one of the waitresses and demanded a kiss. She slapped him, yelling that he was drunk and he shoved her on the floor. Cissnei heard the ruckus from the kitchen and peaked out to see what was going on. Seeing her coworker in danger, she grabbed a stack of plates and burst into the main room, zipping them at the belligerent Soldiers. The owner was terrified at the possible repercussions and yelled for Cissnei to stop, but she refused until the last one went down.

It was right then that a group of Turks entered the bar. Marcus nearly tripped over the groaning Soldiers, while Shion and Becca readied their weapons, sensing that there had been a fight. Tseng stepped between them, over the Soldiers and turned back to them after surveying the room. “You boys best leave. Daring to start a fight in our bar…” he growled.

The Soldiers wasted no time in getting up and running from the building. They knew better than to harass the Turks. The owner was now berating Cissnei, telling her he couldn’t keep her anymore. The waitress tried to defend her but the owner was adamant; Cissnei began to head upstairs to gather her belongings. Tseng stopped her. “Miss, please join us.”

Cissnei stopped, looking back to the surprised owner and then moved over to the table that the Turks had taken over. They all looked on her with wonder. Tseng took out a business card, scribbled something onto the back and handed it to the young girl. “We’re always looking for new talent. And seeing as you’ve been let go… Why not try out for the Turks.. There will be a room for you at the hotel I wrote on that card.”

Cissnei took the card and nodded silently. She returned to heading up stairs to get her things. When she came back down, the Turks were gone. She went to the hotel as instructed and met them in the lobby. “We’re heading back to Midgar in the morning. Come with us so we can assess you.. But judging from what you did to those men in the bar, it won’t be that difficult for you to impress Veld.”

As suspected, Cissnei’s skill with the training course in the building was off the charts. She was readily brought onto the team and partnered with Shion. Despite her young age, the youngest of all the Turks by far, she is very serious about the work they do. But she can also be carefree and quite innocent in regards to adult matters. Her lighthearted attitude when they’re off duty has made her a friend to everyone and they couldn’t imagine the team without her.