As a former body guard for Don Corneo, Drake has seen his fair share of the underbelly that is the Midgar slums. Able to sniff out a lie with surprisingly good accuracy, Corneo made Drake his top henchman and for a time, it was as decent a living Drake had ever seen. But he became bored, underutilized and even disgusted with some of the things he wound up doing. His loyalty began to slip and that was when he was approached by Reno and Rude. Veld had had his eye on the young body guard for some time. Whenever they had to deal with Corneo, Drake was by his side. Veld suspected there was more to the silent man than what was being let on, and he was correct.

He had Reno and Rude follow him one night after his shift was over and they approached him with Veld’s offer to leave Don Corneo and come work for them. Drake was already ready to quit working for the Don, but work for the Turks? It was just another collar from a new master. Rude assured him, his talent would not be wasted and the work never got stale. Drake said he’d consider it. That was when Kotch and Scotch, two more of Corneo’s henchmen, revealed themselves.

Corneo knew that Drake’s loyalty was slipping, but needed proof. The pair had seen enough to satisfy Corneo’s order to kill Drake if he was caught defying orders. Drake revealed that he was highly skilled in what Reno called “some kick ass gun-fu”. After the dust and bullets settled, Kotch and Scotch beat a hasty retreat. Drake accepted the offer and resigned from Corneo’s ranks that night.

Something else that Drake had never expected to happen was for him to fall in love. She was another Turk, skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat and her name was Morgan Narshe. They were partnered up and worked together on many missions. Eventually, she began to feel the same way towards him and they confessed their feelings for each other. They kept this a secret from the others as they didn’t want the higher ups to think it would hinder their ability to perform their duties. Unfortunately it wasn’t to last. Morgan began to see the Company for what it really was after Chelsea, another Shinra employee defected to Avalanche. She abandoned her post not long after and Drake was heartbroken. He focused on his work and became more bitter at Avalanche for taking away the love of his life.