As a self identified nihilist, Fuhito has been waiting for the right moment to take action. He began his career as a Shinra scientist beneath Professor Hojo. Having studied his work, Fuhito was the one who suggested using the victims of the Kalm explosion for experimentation with Materia. But Hojo deemed most of the products as failures and ordered the survivors to be killed. Angered at the decision of his superior, he took Felicia, who had been fused with a shard of the Zirconiade Materia, and left Nibelheim with her. They lived in Cosmo Canyon for a while where Fuhito worked alongside Bugenhagen, a fellow scientist. Others arrived in the small village intent on studying the Planet and soon Avalanche was born. At that time, the group was only interested in Planet study and trying to plead with Shinra to stop their draining of Mako.

When the leader died, Fuhito seized control, put Elfé in charge and moved the operation to Midgar. He sought out a hidden location to continue his experiments and men to further his goals of killing everyone in order to save the Planet. Elfé and Fuhito teamed up with Shears, only after Elfé gave them a lesson in combat and humility. Shears swore his loyalty to the cause and they reformed Avalanche as an eco terrorist group. As the primary tactician, Fuhito has guided many of their missions. Truly, he wished to weaken Shinra to the point of no return and then unleash Zirconiade upon the world when there was no one to stop him. But he still needed to find the two remaining shards..

He treats Elfé with disregard sometimes which pisses off Shears. Shears knows that there is something Fuhito is hiding about the girl, but tries to remain focused on his goals of taking down Shinra.