The mother of Angeal and co-founder of Project G. Young and ambitious at the project’s beginning, over time, she turned bitter and spiteful of Shinra and Dr. Hollander. Like Dr. Lucrecia Crescent, she became a living vessel for the Project, sacrificing her own health and well being in the process. Jenova cells were injected into her body while she was pregnant and then her cells were injected into Genesis Rhapsodo as a fetus, the wouldbe son of the Mayor of Banora.

Though unknown to almost everyone else except Gillian and Hollander, Gillian had actually been pregnant with twins at the time of her first injection. The resulting children were a son, Angeal, and a daughter. But the girl was deemed a failure by Hollander. Her genetic makeup showed nothing like that of the two males. She was removed from Banora and sent to Kalm to grow up, knowing nothing of her true origins.

Hojo only discovered information about her after several years had passed. He watched and waited, knowing someday, his Reunion theory would pull her from the backwaters of Kalm and drive her to join Soldier with the other three, Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis. Eventually, this was proven accurate. Gillian never saw her daughter again and the guilt of such along with what Angeal and Genesis had been put through would drive her to commit suicide.