The leader of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Where Hector Shinra used to be ambitious, business minded, and resourceful is nothing but a bitter, middle aged man. Before the Company came into the power it has now, Hector was a visionary. He saw a world gripped with the dependent over use of coal and fossil fuels. Smog hung low over the cities and towns that used this abundant but deadly resource. People were wracked with terrible coughs and other ailments that came from using the toxic fuel. Hector knew there had to be a better way.

He had inherited the empire of his now deceased father-in-law; a small time weapons manufacturer that had already lived through its glory days. He took his wife's family name to keep the business going and she never had a problem of reminding him of this. To escape her nagging, he would attend business conventions, looking for ways to keep his livelihood thriving. Mostly it was an excuse to get away from his wife and ‘hang with the boys’. But at one such event, the young Shinra’s life was changed forever. At these events, there was always some ‘new age’ idea. People who came with just a table and a dream, trying to find sponsorship for their inventions and make it big. This is where he first saw Mako and he readily purchased the rights from the man who discovered its amazing qualities; Esteban O'royo.

Hector set his sights on creating a new city that would run completely on Mako energy. And he wanted to show the world what it could do in terms of clearing the air. He chose the site for the new city over the existing town of Thrym. The new city would be constructed of enormous plates, enough to support the entire town above. Thrym would lose their sunlight but in the end they did gain clean air, for a while at least. The new city was to be named Midgar and it was nicknamed The Floating City.

Eventually, the Company boasted several divisions including weapons manufacture, public safety and the army, science and research, urban development and an ambitious space program. Leaders were selected, budgets were set, and employees hired. Shinra had become a mega conglomerate and there was no end to what they tried to achieve. Mako powered vehicles, electronics, medically enhanced soldiers, a specialized task force known as the Turks. There was no telling what Shinra would attempt next.

It was their hedonism that first perked the attention of environmentalists. Surely sucking raw Mako up from the depths of the earth would have repercussions..? While the sky became clean and breathable, the land around Mako reactors dried up and died. Demonstrations were held, condemning Shinra for taking the easy road while the planet died. Groups of like minded individuals began meeting up and holding rallies. The crowds were dispersed by Soldier, people were arrested and beaten. Bugenhagen, a Shinra scientist at the time, saw this and did his own research. He came to the same conclusion: The Mako extraction was slowly but surely killing the Planet.

He took his findings to the President but was dismissed. There was no way Hector would allow the Mako reactors to stop working. It would be catastrophic! Too many people relied on Mako energy now. Hospitals, the army, regular citizens would be plunged into darkness if the reactors were shut down. Rural towns that had agreed to replace their energy resources with Mako would cease functioning. No, shutting them down was impossible at this point. This stance is what caused Bugenhagen to leave the Company and travel to Cosmo Canyon. There, he taught travelers the importance of nature and that the reactors would eventually dry up the Planet. Due to his teachings, the group known as Avalanche came to be under the leadership of a man named Aldin Spears.

President Shinra carries on his mission, to light the world with Mako, blinded by the notion that he is doing good and reaping the benefits of such.