Over confidant and ruthless is the way Jale lives. He ran away from home at a young age and joined the Junon Navy. He was sent to fight at the front of the Great War, and quickly earned the name “Death God of the Battlefield” for the fear he struck into enemies. But his tactics quickly had him ousted with a dishonorable discharge. He was quick to attack first and showed no mercy when dealing with surrendering troops. “Let the cosmos sort them out.” was his motto.

After his stint in the navy, it was difficult to find work. Still bitter with Shinra for his removal from the war, he started an anti-Shinra organization that dealt in weapons manufacturing. He supplied Wutai, the very people he had just fought against, with the means to defeat Shinra and his work did not go unnoticed. He evaded capture for sometime, but during a deal that went south, he was caught and locked up in Coral Prison. But that too proved a bad idea when he began rallying the inmates together and attempted to overthrow the guards. Considered too dangerous to be left to his own devices, but also too legendary to ignore, Jale was brought into the Turks. The other Turks were not pleased with his addition. He did not work well with the others and sometimes acted as though he didn't care for their well being.

Near the end of the war, Jale was sent on a mission in which he was supposed to take an arms dealer into custody. But once he discovered that this was a man who had double crossed him in the past, he decided that the guy needed to die. With no regard for the Soldiers and the other Turks that were with him, he blew up the warehouse to kill the fugitive. Marcus nearly died and the Soldiers all perished. Despite completely failing the mission, President Shinra was please that the Company's secrets were safe. Rather than expel him from the Turks completely, Jale was put under house arrest in Costa del Sol and kept under 24 hour surveillance until his services were required once more.