An only child, Jessie always had the uncanny ability to keep herself busy. Her father was a reactor technician and from a very young age, she was fascinated by electronics. She was also gifted with a beautiful singing voice and performed several times as a young girl. Despite her parents wishes for her to make a career out of her singing, Jessie wanted her to choose a more practical line of work. After high school, she applied to join the Junon Science Academy.

After many years of hard work, she graduated from the Academy. Wanting to please her parents, but still holding a desire to follow her heart, she pursued a career at the Gold Saucer as a stage hand. It was while working there that her father fell ill with Mako poisoning. He was left bedridden in their home in Midgar. Jessie had heard of the teachings of Bugenhagen and Aldin Spears in Cosmo Canyon. She felt that her father’s spirit was trapped between the world of the living and that of the Lifestream.

She left the Gold Saucer, traveling to Cosmo Canyon. But by the time she arrived, Aldin had passed away and Avalanche all but fizzled out. She was told that there were rumors of a new group starting up in Midgar and they were looking for bright, young minds to help them. Still unsure of what this help entailed, Jessie made her way to Midgar.