The oldest son of President Shinra, Lazard was born out of wedlock to a woman who worked at the Honey Bee Inn. Hector promised to provide for her and the child she was to bear but she soon found herself abandoned by both her lover and her employer. Unable to keep her job due to her condition, she did what she could to survive on the streets of the Wall Market. After Lazard was born, she tried her best to care for him but found it impossibly hard. Finally, after exhausting all efforts, she left her son in the care of an orphanage when he was four years old. She left him letters explaining why she had done what she did. The orphanage director turned them over to Lazard when he was eighteen.

He bore his mother no ill will over her decisions and only wished he knew where she was now. He also found out about his father. Lazard decided right then that he would get even with the President for abandoning his pregnant mother. The first hurdle to over come was getting hired by the Company. He needed a job, money and a good resume`. With his naturally good looks and charisma, he easily found work in a local shop. He worked as many hours as they would let him. Sometimes opening the shop, staying til close and then opening again the next day. It took a few years, but finally Lazard had saved enough to get a haircut and an expensive suit.

He applied for a job as a security officer at the Shinra Building. At first he wasn’t sure he had made a good impression, and so to help the process along, he seduced the hiring manager. The ability to be a ruthless womanizer was one trait he readily embraced as his father’s son. He easily got the job and quickly rose through the ranks to eventually land the job he felt would get him close enough to get revenge on his absentee father; Director of Soldier.

Lazard is able to use his new position to guide the upper class Soldiers, plotting and planning when he will have all the pawns in place to enact his revenge. He tries to use Avalanche as an avenue to get revenge, passing information to one of the leaders, Shears Albrook.