Morgan grew up in Icicle, dreaming of taking a job with Shinra Electric Company as a security guard. But she knew to get there, she needed to practice her martial arts. As a student of Zangan, this was easily accomplished. She trained hard, day and night, practicing in the basement of her home where her father had set up dummies and other equipment to test her. Zangan deemed that he had taught her everything he knew, but that she still needed to see the world to learn the rest. Morgan set off on a journey that took her around the world where she trained with other students of Zangan to learn their techniques. Through her travels, she met Tifa Lockhart and Aiden Rudinski.

Years later, she found herself in Midgar, applying for a job at the building. She submitted her application, but never heard back. Disheartened at the rejection, she left the city and began taking on work as a mercenary-for-hire. That was when the Turks finally took notice. Several of the jobs had been to track down various war criminals from the Wutai conflict and they included people from both sides. Able to keep her feelings in check, Morgan was noted as being one of the only mercenaries out there who took jobs no matter who the target was. Veld admired her ability to put her personal feelings aside to get the job done.

She was recruited and remained a member for quite some time. She had fallen in love with Drake, another Turk, and they pledged to always stay by each other’s side. But she finally grew to resent the Company and saw the Turks for what they really were; tools of destruction for Shinra.. She left, joining Avalanche instead and now sits on the council with Shears, Elfe`, and Fuhito. She still loves Drake, but cannot condone the Company for which he works.