Reeve came from humble beginnings, literally growing up in the shadow of Midgar. His family had been among those that lived in Thrym as the massive city of Midgar began to form overhead even before he was born. Many thought that the ambitious young President had bitten off more than he could chew. They were told that the new city would help the horrible smog that had covered the town for the last several years. Midgar was going to change that, the President explained to the townspeople. Mako energy would make coal a thing of the past and the vents that were designed under Midgar’ upper plate would assist in cleaning the air for the townspeople. Everyday, the town of Thrym lost a little bit more of its sky.

As a boy, Reeve loved building forts for his friends and himself to play in. It always happened that some other kids would take over the fort while they were away and they’d have to fight over it to regain control. But Reeve’s favorite part was building. If they couldn’t win the fort back, he’d just build another. As he grew older, his father, who was in construction, would ask for his help and saw that his son had a real talent for design. He suggested that Reeve take an official drafting course in Junon once he graduated from school. He was nervous at first, but Reeve did as his father asked and enrolled.

With his natural knack and eye for design, he was in the top percent of the class and graduated with honors. Many of his classmates went on to get picked up for great jobs, but Reeve was to work directly with President Shinra to aid in the design of the upper plate of the city. After much in fighting had stalled construction for nearly a year, Reeve was chosen to spearhead the project and design much of the employee housing units. After its completion, he moved on to residential designs. The idea was to make Midgar livable within three years and get the people of Thrym to move into the new city.

Many did. But much to Reeve’s dismay, many people chose to remain below the new city in what would eventually be referenced as the Slums. His parents were among those who were resistant to the move. Having designed the coziness of Sector Five with his parents in mind, he is still doing what he can to convince them to move. He cares a great deal about both the people in Midgar and Thrym below, feeling it his duty as the Director of Urban Development that the citizens are able to live their lives to the fullest.