Despite his casual demeanor and sloppy manner of dress, Reno is a strong and tenacious fighter. He grew up in the slums, raised by his abusive and constantly drunk father. He was bullied at school over his poor appearance, and during one particularly rough incident, he ditched school and went home. When his father found out, he went into a blind rage at the young boy. Trying to get away, Reno climbed onto the roof of their shack and his father gave chase. His footing wasn’t the best and he slipped off and broke his neck, killing him instantly.

Rather than go to an orphanage, Reno ran away and joined a street gang called the Slum Runners. He did small, illegal jobs for them such as smuggling and thieving in exchange for food and shelter. He stayed with them until he was nineteen when the group turned from relatively harmless jobs to human trafficking. He told the leader that this isn’t what he signed up for, but was commanded to take up this new task. He refused and barely escaped the group with his life intact.

He hid out with a girl he’d become acquainted with, Lily, and eventually worked as a stock boy for her shop. At first, she only tolerated him because he was “kind of cute.” But the charm soon wore off and his vulgar and uncivilized attitude began to hurt her business. He once chased away customers because they had insulted the way he talked; as if he were raised in the gutter and didn’t know how to act. Lily had it. She pulled him into the back room after the shop was empty and told him he needed to leave. As she told him off, the door bell jingled and she called out that she’d be right there.

Reno began to gather his things when Lily’s startled scream came from the front. “Just put the money in the sack! Don’t make me shoot!” Another voice spoke up, saying he was going to check the back. Reno hid on the side of a tall storage shelf and waited for the man to enter. He looked around in the low light, then turned back to the other guy in the main room. He was about to comment on the darkness in the storage room when he suddenly came flying out and slammed into the shop’s display counter. Glass shattered, Lily scream in surprise and Reno came charging out of the room. He jumped over the counter in one leap and kicked the man with the gun directly in the face. He stumbled backwards into another glass display case as his friend was coming to.

Reno picked up the one nearest Lily and hurled him across the room into the other guy. The gun skittered away and Reno kicked it into a corner. Lily remained frozen where she fell and watched Reno and the two men brawl. Through a fury of high kicks and fist jabs, the would-be robbers found themselves on the receiving end of a thorough beat down. They hurried to escape Reno’s wrath, limping down the road and out of sight. Reno dusted his hands off and casually made his way back behind the counter. He helped Lily up but then moved back to the storage room to continue gathering his things. Lily stood in the doorway, dumbfounded. He still intended to leave, after all that?

Reno moved to walk passed her but she suddenly flung her arms around his neck and kissed him. He returned the surprise kiss and said “So I guess you want me to stay? No need to throw yourself at me, yo.” Her open palm slapped him hard across the face and they were both stunned to silence. “Yea, I deserved that.” was all he could say. The two made plans to leave the slums and get away from the toxic city. But his former gang mates tracked him down due to the robbers recognizing him. They took Lily and he went after them as they hoped. After a lengthy exchange, they shot her in the head in front of him, intending to finish him off as well. They didn’t get the chance.

Veld arrived on the scene, having been tipped off that the gang he was trying to track down was seen in the slums. Reno was found holding Lily in his arms. Everyone else on the scene was dead, except for the leader who had managed to escape. Lily was miraculously still alive and taken to the hospital. But it was later discovered that the damage had destroyed her long term memory. Reno tried to return to her as the boyfriend she had made plans to run away with but she could not remember him. She knew he had been someone important to her, but without the memories, it only caused her pain. Reno decided to leave her be and vowed to end the life of the one who had torn them apart. Having seen the aftermath of what Reno was capable of, Veld gave him a better offer: Revenge and he would be paid to carry it out as a member of the Turks. Reno readily accepted.

Reno tends to be very jovial and laid back most of the time. His attitude boarders on carefree man-child to slightly off his rocker. He uses humor and his nonchalant attitude as a coping mechanism and a deterrent. He has been paired up with Rude since joining he Turks.