Rosco Graves never thought he’d amount to much of anything. Born in the Midgar slums, his parents did what they could to provide for the child, but eventually came to terms that they wouldn’t be able to offer him the best chance at a life worth living. He was given up to an orphanage when he was two and became a ward of Midgar. Rosco grew up never knowing if he had any brothers or sisters out in the world, if his parents were even still alive, or what his real name was. He chose his surname from the headstones that lined the grass near the church where he grew up.

He never had much ambition to join the ranks of the Shinra Electric Power Company like most of his peers. Instead he settled into a life of mediocrity while waiting for something to come his way. It was when he heard about a man named Shears rallying up the people of the slums that his interests were perked. Shears claimed to be gathering forces for the sake of ‘taking back Thrym’ from Shinra control. Rosco didn’t hate Shinra much, he was rather indifferent to them. But he liked the way Shears talked and since he wasn’t doing much else at the time, he joined up.