The only legitimate son of President Shinra, Rufus grew up in a place of privilege. During his childhood, he never wanted for anything. He was given an expensive education and generally had a childhood that would make anyone jealous. He never knew hunger, or fear. Every whim was cared for, by his nanny at least. Mother was always sleeping when little Rufus wanted to play. She stayed out late every night, attending parties and functions. She would at least tuck Rufus in bed every night before heading out. But Father would rush her along, saying they were going to be late.

During the day, Father ran the Company. He was most often locked up in a board room talking logistics, marketing, infrastructure, and many other things Rufus hated. He figured that was why the room was called the “Bored Room”. Sometimes he would leave the apartment and wander the hallways, setting up his action figures on window sills and stairs before making them tumble down. But nanny would always appear to take him back to the condo. As he grew older, his father started bringing him to work. Rufus was going to have to learn to run the Company when he was old enough, after all.

But he didn’t want to wait for the torch to be passed. He wanted it now. Mother had been sent to Healin to get away from the city and Rufus saw her sparingly. He was angry that the Company had done this to her.. Furious that Father let it happen. Thirty years of balls and benefits had worn her down and she was falling apart. It needed to end, now. Twenty years old and he was already seeing where the changes were going to be. No more expensive, extravagant parties meant to bring in investors. It was a waste of money and in the end, it only did more damage.

Second, the Turks had to go. Money was wasted by paying them to do jobs that a Soldier could accomplish. Sure they had their usefulness as assassins, but there were just too many of them. He agreed with Heidegger on the matter than it was time to disband the group. Maybe he’d keep Tseng around.. He did save his life after all.. He’d make a good personal body guard.