Born and raised in Mideel, the daughter of a famous hunter, Samantha grew up in the shadow of the fame created by her father. But through perseverance and hard work, she proved herself. She became known as Behemoth Baines for her prize kill. Samantha is skilled with a variety of weapons, whichever she needs for the job, but her favorite go to weapon will always be the combat shotgun.

She made world news for the Behemoth kill and got the attention of President Shinra himself. He recognized her name and realized that her father was one of his old friends from college. He arranged for Samantha and her father to come to Midgar for a luncheon so that they could ‘catch up’. It was there that he had Veld offer Samantha a position with the Turks. Her skills with guns and combat strategy would complement the Turks beautifully, and it was the least he could do for an old friend.

On arriving to the mainland, she stayed in Kalm for a few days before taking a transport to Midgar. The caravan was carjacked and she was kidnapped. Her prize kill had also earned the attention of would-be randsomers. They hoped her family would pay a hefty price for her safe return. What they didn’t count on was Samantha’s skill with the pistol they accidentally left within her reach. She dispatched the kidnappers and walked the remaining miles to Midgar, fending off deadly monsters with only the one clip in the gun she carried.

The other Turks accepted her, but behind her back, there were jokes about how her father’s friendship was what really landed her the job. It wasn’t until the first mission that she gained their respect when she single-handedly took out group of Avalanche grunts during a street brawl. Since then, her skills have never been questioned. Now if they could just get her to be serious about the work.