Scarlet was born into a family with a history of violence. Her father worked closely with a young and ambitious, Hector Shinra. He had hoped that his pregnant wife would give him a son, but when the child was born, he got Scarlet. And so it was, that he prepared her for the ruthless and cutthroat world that is arms dealing.

She attended the Junon Academy, graduating early and heading right to work with her father. She was ambitious and best of all, not afraid to take charge. She earned the nickname ‘Ice Queen’ easily and was known for not taking any lip from her subordinates. Her father worked closely with Heidegger on many projects with Soldier, testing equipment and weapons. From this, many projects were born and when Scarlet’s father passed, she was there to take up the reigns of his legacy.

The building of Midgar was still underway when she laid her father to rest. Within the hour, she phoned the President and requested to be his replacement. He obliged and Scarlet was made the Director over Weapon Development for the Shinra Electric Power Company. The headquarters still unfinished, she set up her office in Junon and continued to crank out weaponized machinery. Money was of no concern. Mako had made them all rich beyond their wildest dreams and no expense was spared in the creation and maintaining of defenses for the Company.