When Siena Harvey joined Avalanche, she wasn’t sure what she was in for. Having grown up very sheltered, she hungered for more to life than just raising chocobo. Dad always said she had a nose for sniffing out adventure. Often when it was time for dinner and Siena was late, he could find her in the woods with Sparks, her black chocobo, by her side. He was her best friend in the whole world, and when he suddenly passed away from Mako poisoning, Siena was lost. She ran away from home when she was sixteen.

She stayed for a time in Kalm before moving on to Midgar. She had heard many good things about the city but was still wary. The massive form could be seen in the distance, but it was finally when Siena got up the courage to go there for herself that she found out how large the city was. It was love at first sight. She met Rosco one night when she was out for a night with some coworkers. They watched the Gold Saucer chocobo races every Friday at Lou’s Level Up.

Siena had just won big and offered to buy a round for the bar. Rosco was curious about the short woman who had just made bank off of the races, mostly he wanted to know how she did it. The chocobo she had bet on was a sure fire loser. But she reminded him that it takes more than stamina to win a race, that chocobo had spirit. They dated for a while, she eventually found out about his ties to the group known as Avalanche. But rather than leave, she herself joined their ranks. She wholeheartedly believes in their cause to stop Shinra from poisoning the land. Though she would let Rosco think that she does this for herself, she really does it for her beloved Sparks.