Veld’s apprentice, he is learning to lead for when Veld finally retires. Despite being quite young, he is extremely loyal and respectful of his superiors. He admires Veld’s sense of professionalism and plans to emulate it one day. He also cares very much for his fellow Turks and makes sure that they have all the information before charging off into battle.

Li Feng Tseng was born to Wuitaian parents after they moved to Delphini Port, otherwise known as Under Junon. His parents worked as a chef and a waitress at a local restaurant before eventually buying the place when the owner wanted to sell and move away. Li Feng would often be scolded for never being around to help out. He loved playing in the forests around the coastal town; taking his pellet rifle along to practice his aim on unsuspecting cactuars. His parents couldn’t be too upset with him because his studies didn’t suffer and he would graduate at the top of his class. He was even voted “Most likely to join Soldier” by his fellow classmates. And he didn’t disappoint them.

He attended the Soldier academy and showed exemplary skill with marksmanship. Training was brutal, and there were times he wasn’t sure if he’d chosen the correct path. But he loved to shoot and so Li Feng continued to push himself, eventually being rewarded with the opportunity to join the ranks of 3rd class. That is, until President Shinra’s twelve year old son, Rufus, was kidnapped by Avalanche forces while visiting Junon.

All units had just returned to the barracks after the welcoming parade for the young boy when news of the kidnapping was relayed to his commanding officer. Tseng’s unit was sent to the airfield where the would-be kidnappers were seen boarding a boat down below. The unit took to the platform elevator to access the docks below. All of them except for Tseng. Breaking protocol, he walked to the edge of the airstrip and lifted his rifle. One by one, he took out the captain, each man on deck and finally the panicked man holding Rufus hostage who had just witnessed the deaths of his comrades.

The rest of Tseng’s squad took a boat to rescue the young Rufus but discovered that all of the men had been dispatched before their arrival. Rufus was found sitting alone on the deck and asked to meet his rescuer. Tseng was commended for his skill by President Shinra himself and he told Veld that he wanted the young man on his task force: The Turks. Feeling it his duty to do as the President himself asked, Tseng abandoned his plans for Soldier and now acts as Rufus’ bodyguard when he travels abroad. The Turks had only consisted of Veld for sometime when Tseng joined. There hadn’t been a real need for them as it had been a time of peace. But the recent surge in Avalanche activity prompted the President’s request for Veld to seek out new members.

Reno and Rude joined not long after Tseng and the three formed the basis for the younger generation of the Turks. Veld knows that he will likely be retiring in the next few years and so takes Tseng under his wing in order to prepare him to take the reins. Though Tseng is serious about his position, he sometimes lets his feelings get in the way of completing a job.