As the leader, he is a man who is very particular when it comes to mission success and very unforgiving when there is failure. He is feared and respected by all of his colleagues. He served as a Turk with Vincent Valentine but time has seen him become a hard, bitter man. An incident took place where his hometown Kalm became the target of a missile attack in an attempt to take out Avalanche informants.

He told his wife to take their daughter, Felicia, and leave town for the day so that they would not be part of the resulting casualties. However, she returned home later that day, having forgotten some items for their trip. He discovered she was back in the town and tried to stop the attack. The missiles already on their way, Veld rushed into the town to save his family and was caught in the resulting blast. His wife and daughter died and he lost his left arm as a result of the incident. He and the other survivors were taken to Nibelheim and operated on by Hojo. He was fitted with a robotic arm and returned to his duties as a Turk. Veld realizes that his mindless obedience has hurt not only him, but also countless others. He vows to make it right, but is torn by his desire to see Avalanche ended once and for all.