Awards you can win:

Nibelheim Award of Excellence

To win this award is simple..

1. Have a site in some way dedicated to Vincent Valentine or Vincent being a big part of the site.

2. Have a neat set up, such as an eye catching or unique set up. (Come on, if I could build this dump,  I'm sure you can do the same.)

3. Signs of Vincent obsession welcomed.

4. And of course, never forget the spirit of the Turks-- Ah I mean, keep your site maintained. (And I don't mean update every single day, just once every few weeks. ^_^)


Kess' Award

1. All you have to do is have a cool site, Final Fantasy based or not. If it's cool, and set up nice, you'll probably win. ^_^

Submit all apps to ^_^


Awards I've won:

Holy materia! I've won an award!!! Thanks Ant!

Hot dog! I got another!

O_O I got another! ^.^ Thanks!