June 26, 2001

Well, seems that I still have access to this computer, so I finally got around to updating. Part two of Kumo Arasoi posted! So go check em out!! And a few new pics in the Doujinshi Gallery. And I fixed the links section, cleaning out the dead links. Midgar is back up and running, and Matt!!!! I need your new address!!! ;_;

June 3, 2001

Look, another fast update! More chapters for Heerochan's fan fic! Three more to be exact! Including an epilogue. ^.^ So skip on over to the Vincent gallery and read read read!!

May 31, 2001

About damn time I had an update! Too much work makes Kess a dull girl! >< Well I got something new for you all, it's a new fic written by Heerochan! The title is Kumo Arasoi and the fic can be found in the the Vincent Shrine. What? Can't get there?? Lazy bums! Here's a link. - Vincent Shrine -  And don't say I never did anything for you!

April 12, 2001

Okay okay, I'm still working on those graphical thingy's for the winners. ^_^ Sorry it's taking so long, I've been very busy with work and such. BUT! I did add something nice for everyone, a new chapter of Snowfields by Zahra!! And it's great!! 

April 2, 2001

The final contest entry has been added. So all there is to do now is pick a winner! (That sounds dirty...) Anyway, there will be three 2nd place winners, two first place winners, and one grand prize winner. Although, there really is no grand prize... yet. ^_^ Thanks everyone!!

March 28, 2001

Hey hey! More Doujinshi art in the regular art gallery, and even more on the Vincent side!! The contest will be over on April first, so get those entries in!!

March 25, 2001

Just another entry! ^.^ I'll be updating the Vincent art soon! If anyone wants to send in fanart, please do it! I like getting email! Tis fun!

March 19, 2001

Just adding another entry!! Thanks for sending it in! The contest will be over soon, so keep sending them in!!

March 16, 2001

Just updated a link is all. Midnight in Nibelheim is now located at http://www.envy.nu/nibelheim And I got an award! ^.^ This is great, mwahahaha. It's from All10 I do believe. And his site is locate here: sephiroth255  It's a great site to tour. ^.^ So go! And come on people! Don't you know any songs that fit Vincent?! More entries! More entries!!

March 12, 2001

Alright! I fixed the Doujinshi Gallery and the CosPlay Gallery! So all the pics work now! ^.^ 

March 11, 2001

New front page! And I added some more contest entries. I'm gonna keep taking them until the end of this month, and then I'll choose two winners and two runners up. ^_^

March 7, 2001

Just adding some more entries to the contest. Soon I should be done with this sudden move and all the links will work. ^_^ And I have a new link in the Link's Section! Go visit Raven's Haven! It totally kicks arse! Lots of information about Vincent I bet a lot of you out there never even knew.

March 1, 2001

I have the first two entries for the contest! They're posted in the Contests Section. C'mon people! Mail me your entries!!

February 20, 2001

Added a new section. ^_^ A contests section. I was bored, sue me. Anyway, the link should be on the quick links list. So go check it out!

February 16, 2001

Well we'll be moving hopefully. Maybe I'll get lucky and Go Network will just sit here.. ^_^ I can only hope! Anyway, I got an award for over 7,000 hits and being here a YEAR and all. And I added two pics to the Vincent Doujinshi Gallery from one of my doujinshi's. ^_^ He's so cute. And some more pics added to the normal Doujinshi Gallery! Mwahahahaa!

January 27, 2001

Just tying up loose ends. Finished the upstairs of the mansion, now there's a new room next to the greenhouse. ^_^ And I'll have the attic, yeah I've added an attic, up in a matter of days. Whoo! And I joined the TopFinalFantasy sites list. AND I added a new link! GO!!

January 26, 2001

AHHHHH!!! Pictures for all the rooms added!!! ^.^ And I must say, they look good!!

January 25, 2001

WA-HOO!! I've totally updated the Snowfields section! Go view chapters 1-81, via Zahra now! It's a great story, and for those of you who are passing it up, you're missing out on the greatest Final Fantasy VII fan fic ever!! ^.^ You can also find the story and more like it at The Dead Triangle, run by Queen Vera. And the Official Snowfields Website, run by Zahra and Sharleen. Go now!!

January 17, 2001

Just adding an award I received a while back. ^_^ Thanks!

January 6, 2001

Well well, yes, I DID remove the quick link to the Vincent Shrine. -_- Read the guestbook, and you'll know why. Gods, that's never happened before. I give everyone credit for their art, I don't take any credit what so ever and then this poo happens. Well whatever, Ke-Ko! VINCENT'S STRAIGHT ANYWAY!!! You can keep your OPOP gay images with Cid. ::cringes:: Sorry, I'm ranting aren't I. *sigh*

January 2, 2001

Well well well.. another bright and brand monkey spanking new year has arrived. Yay.. -_- Me? Not happy? I guess so.. Means time is still progressing and whatnot. ^_^ And I got to ring in the new year with my fiancée`. ^_^ Tee hee. Fun fun fun. Anyway, expect a butt load of Vincent pics in the next couple of days. Mwahahahaa!!

December 13, 2000

I added a few things to make meeting Vincent in the basement a little more tough. >=] And I revamped the Vincent Shrine, and added some new pics. ^_^ Property of OPOP. (Yes.. it is a yaoi site, but I didn't post any naughty pics, just cute ones. ^.^

December 11,2000

Merry Christmas all! ^.^ From Kess and Vincent to you!

December 7, 2000

Nothing much, just an awards banner for 5,000 hits. ^.^

November 27, 2000

I re-vamped the links section, and added a new one to boot. ^_^ So have a looksie if you like.

November 22, 2000

Just added two pics to the front page, nothing much. ^_^ And there's a new award to win in the Award's Section.

November 21, 2000

Oh tons of stuff. More doujinshi pics in the Vincent gallery and other characters gallery. And I won my first award from Ant. ^_^ Thanks!

November 8, 2000

Oh, just some revamping of the front page.. It was getting way too cluttered. And some new links! Enjoy the site! 

November 3, 2000

Big ol' update in the Vincent Doujinshi gallery and the normal Doujinshi gallery. ^_^ 

October 24, 2000

Nothing much, just a new section for getting an award. Hey, I had to do something, life is boring. ^_^

October 20, 2000

Just some changes made to the other character's art gallery, not that much. ^_^ And something new! A cosplay gallery! See all your favorite FF7 characters played by real people. mwhaaaa! Can you find me in any of the pics? ::chuckles::

October 18, 2000

New look to the front page. Hope you all like it. ^^ A new link and a new Vincent image in the gallery too. Whee!

October 16, 2000

Just a few things done behind the scenes. All the Vincent pics were moved to a geocities account, but have no fear! Everything should be loading a bit faster. And all the pages were moved to one account help with the loading. So everything still looks the same, I just moved it around, heh heh. Coming soon: Pics of every freakin' room!!!! ^.^

October 13, 2000

It's Vincent's birthday!!!! ::sings the birthday song:: Pay your respects by signing the guestbook, um, please? Heh heh.. I mean, come on! It's his birthday for crying out loud! So what is he now..? 30? Or is he really like 60? Goodness, he looks great in his golden years. ^_~

October 5, 2000

Added a new pic to the Vincent gallery and Vincent doujinshi gallery. And a new link! ^.^ Go to "Links" to check it out.

October 3, 2000

At last, at last. Able to pull away from the *real* world and work on this dump. ^^ New section! Doujinshi covers in the Other Art section. And some more new ones in Vincent's section. So have at it!

September 18, 2000

Hey hey, a new and funny comic in the Other Art Section! It's by Inari Sho, a famous artist in these parts of the Planet.

August 15, 2000

OI! Bought time I had an update! Nothing much, just some more Vincent art. Wait.. did I just say "nothing much"? That's a lot of something! More Vincent pics and Doujinshi pics! Go at it!

July 6, 2000

YATTA! I'm now a member of the Fairy Community! A wonderful web ring type of thing run by another loyal Snow Fields fan!! ^_^ 

June 20, 2000

WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 1,000 Hits baby!!! ::calms herself:: Ahem, well. Yes yes, I've finally hit the big one, zero, zero, zero at last. And vote people!! Vote for my site on Scott's gaming garage! I'm nearly in the top thirty!! >:)

June 13, 2000

Massive, I'm talking MASSIVE  "I Know What's Beneath the Snowfields" update. There still isn't a chapter 73, but hey, I've got 1-51 up. So have fun reading and get into the story! ^.^

June 8, 2000

Well I didn't get around to the Snowfields update cause our phone line got shut off for two days. o_o;; So I updated the art shrines while I was away. ^_^ Tons of Tifa art. And the only person I'm missing is Barret. Heh heh I should find some pics of Mr. T and just put those in there. Really.. would you be able to tell the difference? I didn't think so.

June 2, 2000

Oi oi, it's been a while. I updated the Vincent picture shrine. There's a new section at the bottom where I moved most of the pics. All the doujinshi pics can be found there now. Next update, more Snowfields!! Bub bie!

May 25, 2000

Whoo! 15 more Vincent pics in the gallery. Life's grand I tell ya. In any case, I'm in a great mood. I might be getting some non-hentai Vincent Doujinshi's off of Ebay.com. Yeah!! I hope nobody bids higher than me cause I'll be so freakin' sad.. ;-;

May 24, 2000

Ta-da! More "I Know What's Beneath the Snowfields" for all you fans out there. And if you ever manage to open the safe upstairs, there's actually something in there now. Heh heh. 

May 22, 2000

Updated for your convenience. Mwahahahahaa. MORE VINCENT PICTURES! Over 100 now! Yes I'm obsessed!!! And I fixed up the other art galleries. They are all separated by character. So have at it. And if you happen to see your art up and there is not a link to your e-mail or site, or something, let me know and I'll do something about it. Alright? Good. Next update, more SnowFields.

May 20, 2000

Yes yes, it *is* another update. More or less, the "Links" link now goes elsewhere. Right now I'm working on making several different art galleries and such, so in the next few days, there will be more art! ^_^ Jane` !

May 19, 2000

Man, I update too much.. *sigh* Alright, more Vincent images. All from GlassShard. Her site rules! So go!! And that's all I have for you today. Later. ^_^

May 18, 2000

Yatta! I found more Vincent pics on an old disc so I put them up! Now there's over 80 pics in there! ^_^

May 17, 2000

Ok, new section in the basement library. Nothing much, it just leads to another awesome page of a city in development, Midgar. And more Snowfields chapters to feed your brains. ^_^

May 16, 2000

Well first off, I added this section. Heh heh. And I decided not to join the web ring after all. Too much a hassle. In any case, the Vincent picture shrine has over 70 pictures in it, 74 to be exact, and another fan fic is here!! "I Know What's Beneath the Snowfields" by Zahra. She gave me permission to post it. ^_^ Happy happy. It's a great fic, ya'll should read it. I also joined Anipike.com. Yay me. So now I can be found there, well in about 2 weeks. That's all. Have a great day. ^_~