The Music Room

The stairs actually look a little dangerous and that room to the right, well it can wait.. You choose to go to the left for whatever reason as so now you're here.

Looking around the faintly lit room, you notice a rusty candelabra secured to the wall. After fumbling around in your pocket for a second, you extract a lighter. The light emits throughout the room as you light the burnt candle wick.

The room is fairly small, a few pictures hang against the walls. Most of the Nibel Mountains. Bits of wall paper that were once rich in color, now lay about the room in peeled clumps forgotten gray matter. A low window faces the mountains like the one in the entry room with a few trees just outside, blowing their barren branches against the fragile window pane. Next to that lies yet another door.

The door behind you shuts suddenly, causing you to jump in surprise. As you stumble forward, your body smashes slightly against a large object that sits to the right of the room.

You look to it quickly, thinking maybe it was another person, but you discover it's larger than that. You run your fingers over the surface slightly and come to find that the object is none other than a grand piano.. one that has seen many years.

In the dim light, you survey the instrument.. it's short legs shaped like dragon claws on the ends.. And as you look them over.. something written on the floor catches your eye.. You kneel down for a closer look and find this.. 

Left 10

Baffled by the strange writing, you make a note to remember this, and stand, looking back to the piano..

Slowly, you walk around the front and see that there's bench placed in front of it. Thinking for a moment, a smile crosses your face for the first time since entering this dismal place. A song comes to mind and so, placing your fingers on the old ivory keys, but no sound seems to emit from it.. Broken..

Go to the other door?

Back to the main room..