The Mansion

Pulling securely on the handle, the old door opens with a long creak. Darkness is all you can see within the void.

You glance inside, a few cobwebs cling to the door frame and billow slightly in the wind as you walk passed them. A chill suddenly runs up your spine causing you to shiver involuntarily.

With quick steps you walk further into the place, eager to escape the cold air from outside. Your eyes glance around the grand room. It's sheer size overwhelming you. You notice that there are several other doors scattered through out the large entry room.

One to your left, one to your right near a staircase, and one directly in front of you. No doubt leading to a catacomb of rooms beyond this one.

A large grandfather clock ticks silently in the darkness against the wall to your right..

You glance in front once more, your eyes having focused in the darkness. Before you stands a large staircase with a balcony at the top of that. Beyond, a huge window looks out to the majestic, yet creepy Nibel Mountains.

Taking a step forward, a light crunch reaches your ears. You stop dead in your tracks and look to the floor, a crumpled note under your feet?

Do you read it?

Or ignore it. If so, keep looking around.

You shudder as you gaze around the dismal room.. but realize you must choose a room to enter.. which will it be?

The room to your left..

The room to your right..

The room straight ahead..

Or do you choose the stairs?

 Or chicken out..

Take the front door back outside..