The Old Dining Room

After deciding to enter the room to your right, you find yourself walking down a short empty hall. It curves slightly to the left and you discover it actually does lead to a room.

It's very dark since this room has no windows. A table sits crooked against the wall to your left, while an overturned cupboard leans clumsily against another door. A few tilted pictures hang against the wall, most with the frame glass broken.

You make your way passed the litter of journals and notebooks that covers the floor, your feet crunching in some of the picture glass. You then come to a stop shortly before reaching the disarranged cupboard. Papers are scattered all around your feet. Leaning down, you pick up a few yellowed papers and try to decipher the text.

You try for several minutes, but can't make sense of any of them. You toss the old papers back to the ground in dismay and walk over to the table on the far side of the room. Immediately, your eyes grasp a small time worn blue book.

You pick it up and glance over the leather cover before opening it up. You notice that there are several entries within the pages. You take a closer look and discover that you are looking at addresses..

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The Lair of Vincent Valentine

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