The Basement

After your most lengthy trip down the ramp, you arrive to the basement of the mansion. A dank chill fills the stiff air and nearly chokes you as you breathe.

Quickly, you walk down the last step and move onto the dirt covered ground. A certain wariness fills your heart as your feet shuffle across the ground and towards the awaiting abyss set before you.

Cobwebs and dusty sculls occupy many of the dark corners as well as a few spiders and other pests.. a mouse suddenly scurries by, causing you to jump back a few steps and catch your breath.. telling yourself that it was only a mouse and nothing more, you press on..

After taking a few more strides, you discover that there are two more doors ahead.. oh the choices.. so you pick up the pace, somewhat eager to see what lies ahead.

Stopping shortly before reaching either door, you stand in your spot, looking to both possibilities.. but which to choose..?

The door that lies to the left..?


The one just ahead..