The Laboratory

Deciding that you'd rather enter this room, you leave behind the dismal basement and grip the doorknob of the door in front of you firmly, giving it a tug..

The door doesn't open, and it baffles you somewhat.. You try again, and still the same thing.. why won't the door just open??

You sigh and lean against the door slightly, and at that moment, you come tumbling into the room.. the door opens inward..

You sit up and look around to your new surroundings.. a laboratory it seems.. Several pieces of dusty lab equipment occupies the far side of the room.. Some pieces turned on as if waiting to work once again..

You shuffle to your feet and walk further into the room.. a large table adorns the center of the room, covered in journals and other interesting instruments.. You turn to look down the hall that's on your left..

Several books line the walkway, a few in piles on the floor.. What appears to be yet another room is just beyond this short hall.. a light is on.. And there appear to be even more books..

Do you walk down the hall?


Keep looking around the lab..? If so.. keep reading..

So you keep on looking around the dank lab.. You turn away from the hall and make your way back over to the lab equipment.. After moving a few feet, your eyes come to rest on the large table where all the journals lie...

Their tattered covers present with some holes and a bit of rust on the ones that are bound with copper hinges.. Some tall bottles and various pieces of tools lay nearby.. But for some reason.. the journals strike a particular interest with you..

Look at the selection?


Continue on your exploration.. If so.. keep reading..

Well.. the journals aren't going to go anywhere.. so you decide to keep looking around.. At that moment.. you glance up and meet with two very strange looking stasis tubes.. a faded green in color.. You look to them for a second longer before moving from your spot around the table and walking over to see what indeed they are..

As you near them, you notice that one has been busted open.. Shards of glass litter the floor around it and your feet crunch in it as you walk over to the other tube..

You wipe at the fogged glass, some dirt rubs off but not much.. It's at that time, you notice a peculiar switch near the tank.. and so, reaching over, you flick it up..

The whole tank suddenly glows bright green and you notice that something is indeed inside.. but what..?

You lean closer and just as you do, the tube suddenly opens, a door sliding to the side and something hops out.. You jump back in surprise as the thing leaps by and lands near the desk..

You sit up to get a better look and discover, that it's a chocobo.. You can at least tell that much from looking at it from behind..

Suddenly, it whirls around to face you and falls on its butt.. You reel back in horror at what you see..


It mutters something about having to finish an experiment and then turns tail, running out the laboratory door.. What in the hell???

Do you follow?

The two bottom pics or property of Lex and Naska.