Inside the Coffin

With courage and a bit of strength, you manage to remove the coffin's lid.. You shove the cover away and then turn to look into the coffin..

Immediately, you are met with not a skeleton.. but a man.. who's not dead..

You gape in shock to him as he lays there, seemingly asleep in his casket.. His chest rises and falls every so often, a sign that he is indeed alive..

You lean a little closer.. his ashen face paler then the moonlight.. long tresses of silky raven black hair cascades around his shoulders.. a blood red bandana covers his forehead with bits of his hair springing out from beneath it..

Getting closer, you take into account his outfit.. some black uniform like clothes and a crimson cape covering his shoulders and a good portion of his body.. his boots are a strange item indeed as they are brown, but lower half is made out of a sturdy gold metal..

You look over to his left and to your horror find that instead of a hand, he has a sharp looking golden claw.. it appears to be mechanical..

Gazing back to his face.. something causes you to reach out and touch his cheek.. And as you do so.. you discover his skin to be ice cold..

He suddenly speaks softly into the cold air..

"To wake me from the nightmare... who is it..?"

You jump back, slightly startled.. keeping your eyes on him as he begins to sit up in his "bed".. He looks to you in wonder, as if asking why you're here.. The iris of his narrow eyes the color of blood.. He seems disoriented.. as if he had just woken up from a dream..

He continues to stare at you.. waiting for an answer as to why you're here.. You fumble for your voice, seeing that he's waiting, and finally manage to reply..

"You were having a nightmare..?"

He gives you a long look and then nods slightly..

"A nightmare.. my long sleep has given me time to atone.. "

You struggle to say more and finally you do as you stand up..

"What are you saying..?"

He looks back down and shakes his head as if battling with some inner feelings.. he then looks back up to you and says slightly angrily..

"I have nothing to say to strangers.. Get out.. this mansion is the beginning of your nightmare.."

You nod and sigh, saying..

"You could sure say that again.. "

He gazes to you curiously, brushing a few strands of hair from his face..


Shrugging, you step closer and answer..

"Like you said, this mansion is the beginning of a nightmare.."

He sighs and begins to stand up, stepping out of the coffin..

"Hmph, what do you know..?"

You begin to explain to him why you're there and what's happened thus far.. he listens with what seems to be intent interest, gazing at you the whole while with his crimson eyes..

Once you finish, he nods in understanding and continues to stand there with arm and claw crossed over his chest.. He tinks the metal fingers of the claw together thoughtfully as he thinks about something..

Suddenly, he extends his other glove covered hand to you.. Cautiously, you take his hand and shake it as he speaks..

"My name is Vincent.. Vincent Valentine.. I was with the ShinRa Manufacturing Department in Administrative Research.. "

You furrow your brow as he notices you don't understand.. So he simplifies the term..

"A Turk.. Tactical Unison Recon Killer.. "

Your eyes widen slightly as you realize what is meant.. A Turk.. those deadly assassins for the ShinRa.. Seeing that he frightened you, he adds..

"Was.. as in not anymore.. I am currently unemployed.. "

You nod and then sigh.. now what..? He glances over to you and actually smiles. You look back in question as he points to the wall..

"There are two rooms behind this wall.. some of my personal collections of pictures and stories.. You're welcome to look at them if you like.. "

He leads you over and taps the wall lightly.. It immediately swivels around revealing two separate walkways.. Both with a sign next to them.. He motions for you to go ahead and so you do.. but to which room?

The Image Gallery

Fan Fic Library

Or just turn and go back..

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