The Library

And so, you pass the hall and enter what appears to be the library..

Books are everywhere.. On the large desk before you, on the floor all around, not to mention the shelves are crammed with books..

You gaze around in absolute wonder.. never have you seen so many books.. You move further into the room, the moth eaten rug under your feet full of holes and dust..

Making your way along the side of the table, you look up at the shelves, wondering if you should read any of these.. Maybe you will.. 

You touch one such book, just the edge, and suddenly, one of the shelves whirls to the side to reveal a dark hallway. A secret passage if you will.

Peering into the darkness, you see that the path dips downward and goes on for quite a while.. 

Do you enter the passage?

or decide to just read some of the books? If so, keep reading..

So after much deliberation, you choose a book and begin to read..

The Awakening

By: Victor Slade

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4     Chapter 5

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The Void