Silence.. not a sound is heard.. You try to decide which song you want play as you dare not shatter the deathly hush that has fallen around you. After much deliberation, you decide to stick with something simple.. a favorite tune of yours..

Final Fantasy VII

Prelude       Bombing Mission        Tifa's Theme       Barret's Theme       Hurry!       ShinRa Company

Fighting       Flowers in the Church       Turk's Theme       Who Are You?       Infiltrating ShinRa Tower       

Red XIII's Theme       Holding My Thought to My Heart       Final Fantasy VII Main Theme       

Electric De Chocobo       Rufus' Welcoming Party      Stand on Both Feet       JENOVA       Costa Del Sol

Cait Sith's Theme       Cosmo Canyon       Great Warrior       Yuffie's Theme       Nightmare's Beginning       

Cid's Theme       Tiny Bronco       Wutai       Fiddle De Chocobo       Interrupted by Fireworks        

Forested Temple       Aerith's Theme       Reunion       Who Am I?       ShinRa Army       Weapon Raid

Highwind       Secret in the Sea       Hurry, Faster!       Dream into the Universe       Countdown

Cannon Fires       Judgment Day       JENOVA Absolute       Birth of a God       One Winged Angel

World Crisis       Staff Roll