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A lonely mining town..

Not much to look at with its cottage style buildings and enclosed square.

However, it strikes your attention. Despite the foreboding feeling the place gives you, you move from your rooted position and make your way into the town.

Stopping near a well that adorns the center of the square, you become a little more relaxed. You lean against the structure to rest a moment and gather your senses while still looking over this homely town.

A few residential homes here.. some small shops and an inn there. Basically your seemingly normal, boring, everyday village.

Then your eyes come to rest on something different.. something that unlike the rest of the town seems to be shrouded in darkness. Curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to investigate.

So, you start walking towards the edge of town. You can tell it's a mansion.. and an old one at that. The weather- beaten siding and Victorian style at least gives that much away. A large wrought iron fence surrounds the place. The equally large gate hangs to the side, latched on by one hinge.

You near the rotting gate and with fluid grace manage to slip passed its slanted form. Once inside the grounds, you look up to the building that rises in the night. Your senses telling you not to go any further, but you do.

After walking the short distance to the front of the mansion, you stand before the door, gazing over the ancient wood. Reaching out a hand, you grip the door handle and sigh slightly still deciding. Finally, you Reach out for the handle..