01. The Becoming

02. Somewhat Damaged

03. The Day the World Went Away

04. Ripe With Decay

05. The Mark Has Been Made

06. The Persistence of Loss

07. Into the Void

08. We’re In This Together

09. The Line Begins to Blur

10. One Way to Get There

11. Another Version of the Truth

12. The Way Out is Through

13. The Big Comedown

14. March of the Pigs

15. Underneath It All

Part Two is coming soon (I promise!)
Chapters 1 - 9 completed!

- Shinra Electric Power Company -
President Shinra
Rufus Shinra
Wilhelm Heidegger
Scarlet Hargrieves
Reeve Tuesti
Richard Palmer
Lazard Deusericus
Kenjiro Hojo
Gast Faremis
Dr. Hollander
Gillian Hewley
Angeal Hewley
Genesis Rhapsodos

- The Turks -
Veld Tengille
Li Feng Tseng
Reno Voss
Aiden Rudinski
Becca Pierce
Marcus Cole
Drake Everno
August Reynolds
Samantha Baines
Cissnei Shizune
Shion Satoshi
Tonya Shadow
Maximilion Kirsch III
Jale Gerrick

- Avalanche -
Shears Albrook
Hideyaki Fuhito
Morgan Narshe
Emery Biggs
Jessie Rasberry
Alex "Wedge" Perez
Kess Reignheart
Ashe Kincaid
Rosco Graves
Siena Harvey
Ben Higashi
Aldin Spears

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