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Despite the fact that the stairs look rather unsafe, you decide to go up to the second floor anyway. Carefully, you grip the ancient banister and begin to climb. After several steps, you glance to the wall on your left where you see a giant map of the world... It remains still forever, captured in its world of faded paint and eerie design.

You look away and focus your attention back to the stairs. After a few more steps, you reach the first balcony where another set of stairs awaits to take you to the second story. You stop there a moment and look back behind you to the large room.

On glancing up, you notice the decaying chandelier that hangs suspended above the room. A few half used candles sit in the holders as if waiting to be lit once again. You shake your head slightly and sigh, then look over your shoulder back to the short set of stairs. Turning on heel, you walk up the wooden planks, they creak under your feet as you do so.

At last, you reach the top. Glancing side to side, there seem to be two separate hallways at either end. Which should you explore first?