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You pass through the doorway and find that you've entered a small room. Glancing around, you find an end table crammed against the wall ahead of you, a decrepit flower vase sits with dried pieces of stems and long dead petals dangling over the side. Looking around, you see another door on the left side of the wall. Not really wanting to turn back, you conclude that you'll go that way. The door opens gently with a light push and still unsure of what lies ahead, you find yourself stepping into the new room. After a brief glance around, you decide to venture in to see what lies ahead.

As you enter the dark room, you take notice of a few large book shelves that occupy the left corner. Old, dilapidated books fill the shelves, seemingly forgotten for years.

As you look up, your sight rests on the wall in the right corner ahead of you. Its stone appearance looking out of place. Walking over, you touch the surface slightly with your fingertips and push against it. It moves. You lean closer, looking at the pattern of twisting cracks and push the wall once more. This time, the wall gives way and reveals a downward spiraling wooden ramp. A freezing breeze rushes up from the depths of the cavern and causes you to back up slightly.

You chance a glance down, it's seemingly a long way down and you figure it must be the basement. Glancing across to wall, you notice a large chain the leads up to a hole in the ceiling. You decide it must be the attic. Upon further inspection of the wall, you notice a small candle resting on a plate. Taking out a small lighter, you ignite it and then decide which route to take.

Take the ramp down.

Climb up the large chain.

Go back.